Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter A, day 3

Well, today is hump day-half way through the busy week and should be a happy day as the weekend was in sight! For me it started great, Friday is almost here!!!! But for Joshua, ugh, it was anything but a great morning :/ We survived the school day, that is all I have to say! Today was filled with LOTS of tears, temper, tantrums, time would have thought we were studying letter T :/ But we got through the school day (the worst part of Joshua's attitude) and pressed on. Here is a look at our day:

We started the day off as we have every other day, with a prayer and a review of letter Aa. We reviewed what A looked like in ASL, what is sounds like, what it looks like drawn on paper and what it it looks like with our bodies.

Then we worked on a 6piece Aa is for apple puzzle that Joshua got VERY frustrated with, since the pieces didnt stay in place and were sliding around the table.

We quickly finished that project and moved onto something I knew the kids would love-making an Aa collage!! I gave Joshua a bottle of glue and a piece of paper with a lowercase a on it and instructed Joshua to trace the letter a with glue

and that we would be using applejacks cereal on top of the glue, also tracing the letter.

Here is Joshua's finished A :)

Both kids got very into this and did a great job.

Here's Moo working on her letter a

Later the apple jacks became our morning snack.

After our collage we worked on shadow matching. I had a capital letter a on 3 pictures that were in color and 3 lower case letters, on pictures, that were printed in black and white. Joshua had to match the color picture to it's shadow.

Then we worked on patterns/sequence activity. Joshua also got VERY frustrated with this one. We worked on finishing patterns. Joshua did this very well, but he did not want to do it. But we pushed through it and finished.
So once the frustration started up again, and lasted a while, we decided to work on some Do-A-Dot work. Joshua LOVES painting so this was a good mood booster!

Madelynn also loves to paint, but she didnt last long enough for good pictures )


  1. Must have been a day for tantrums during school. AJ threw fit after fit during EVERY activity that I told him to leave the table. Needless to say, we didn't finish our school day.

  2. Tough days DO happen! Even at age 9! BUT especially at age 3. Don't get discouraged. It's perfectly normal.