Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter B, catch up

Letter B is moving along wonderfully and Joshua has really gotten the hang of writing his capital letter B, but still has no interest in trying to write his lower case b, but i'm sure it will come in time. I'm not pressuring him at all.
I have done a VERY bad job, this past week, of blogging due to a massive migraine. We skipped school on Wednesday and worked hard again on Thursday but my migraine was back on Friday in the morning so we only worked on one thing. Our weekend was crazy busy, but fun and enjoyable, so I didn't get around to posting about our B week, so I will catch you up on some of the things we did last week.

Joshua has really enjoyed writing his B's and has gotten really good.

Each day we practice writing his letter of the week, talk about what sound it makes, practice signing the letter of the week and signing alphabet from weeks prior. Take a look at Joshua's B's

After we worked on writing B's we switched to our letter B magnet page.

Joshua always gets a kick out of this one! He has to place magnets onto the empty spaces on the worksheet to complete the picture. He loves that he gets to use the cookie sheets for this project, and he loves the magnets too. Here is the completed project

After our magnet sheet we went on to using out Do-A-Dot markers/just like bingo dotters, and worked on filling in the little circles!

Joshua loves to 'paint' with these and is getting better with staying withing the little lines. See...
Another thing that Joshua likes to do is work on cutting shapes out and gluing them. A few weeks ago he was using his scissors with 2 hands to make them open and close, now he has gotten it down to using one hand, though this picture doesn't show a good shot of that happening :)
Joshua's cut and paste project today was to cut out the body and wings of the butterfly then glue it to a sheet of paper. He did pretty good with the cutting and gluing.

And this was how the project turned out
After Joshua was done cutting we moved on to Butterfly Letter Sorting. Joshua had butterflies that had either a capital or lowercase letter b on them. Joshua needed to sort them into the correct spot on the board, matching the b with the b and the B with the B
This picture cracks me up, because he was really enjoying himself until I asked for a final picture.
Or final project for the day (Thursday) was to create a letter B collage of buttons. Joshua did AWESOME and he LOVED it!!As Friday morning came, my headache was back and I wasn't feeling the best, so we only worked on our letter B project for our ABC binder. Check it out!!
So there you have it, a wrap up of letter B. Later today, I hope to post our start of letter C

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  1. Was that a MARKER I saw??? Oh, he must have been SO excited and feeling grown up! YAY! He is doing a GREAT job cutting and writing. That's awesome! Sorry it was such a hard week for you and you didn't get to everything. But it's OKAY! He's doing great and so are you!


    PS---Love the pic where he is giving you "the look". LOL.