Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letter b, day 2

Tuesday was a long day, filled with time consuming activities/frustrations/and the need for things to be perfect, so we didn't get everything done I had planned for the day. But this is what we DID complete.

We started our day off with prayers and reviewing what letter Bb looks like and sounds like. We talked about what kind of words start with letter be: ball, bike, bottle, blue, baby, and butterfly to name a few.

Our first activity was counting butterflies. Each butterfly had a number on it and Joshua needed to identify the number and them place the correct number of clothes pin on each butterfly.

If the card had a 2 on it, Joshua needed to say two and place 2 clothes pins on that butterfly.

Joshua LOVED this activity and he ran through the set of 10 a few times.

After the cards were complete and I insisted that we move on, we went to letter matching.

Each letter set had a capital and lowercase letter of the matching color. He did really well with matching the letter/color combos,

but the fact that they kept sliding all over the table caused for some major frustration. But we completed it!

Moo took her shot at the matching cards :)

We then moved on to letter B tracing with multicolored bears. Joshua, again, did a great job and this was another activity that went without frustration.

He lined them up and followed the letter around, placing bear in front of bear.

Our last activity that we attempted was the poke page. Normally Joshua LOVES using 'pokies' aka push pins but not on Tuesday. Wow he was SO crabby, annoyed and frustrated and this took forever!! I didn't want to allow him to just give up, but after all the tears and whatnot I opted to help him finish the project.

SO glad Letter B, day 2 is complete!!

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  1. Way to go! Just do what you can and compromise when necessary.