Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Caterpillar Dreams

We are in our new place now, been here almost a week (Thursday) and we have already had multiple playdates. So far the most memorable one was this last Sunday when the Brooks family came over from some pizza, movie, cookie decorating, ball play and the 'wooly bear'. On their way into our apartment they came across this awesome fuzzy caterpillar and we brought them up stairs to show daddy.
Joshua had the honors of showing daddy first
Then it was Moo's turn
Madelynn LOVED this little 'wooly bear' and every time someone else took their turn she was screaming 'no no no' at them. It was funny.
I love that she is not afraid of bugs, but rather intrigued by them. She'll handle spiders, ants, centipedes, beetles...you name it she'll probably hold it.
And then Joshua...well he's not as intrigued. He like this caterpillar, he asked to hold it, would let it crawl on him or a moment or 2, but he did NOT care for it to crawl on his face
This is one of those pictures that make me sad and happy at the same time. As his mother I can see the fear in his eyes, the panic starting, but I also love that he allowed it for a moment, something that took him outside his comfort zone-if only for a min.

The kids are still talking about the caterpillar, or as Joshua calls him 'bully bear' and Madelynn just signs BUG or CATERPILLAR, and it is so much fun for me as their mom to sit back and watch them explore, discover and learn about their world, God's world, around them and in doing so, they explore, discover and learn about themselves too.

As many of you know I am an Advanced Signing Time Instructor and I teach classes through the Anoka-Hennepin school district's Adult Learning Program. In these classes I use Signing Time products as I teach parents, children and caregivers ASL vocabulary. One of our favorite ASL songs is "Caterpillar Dreams" and it played over and over in my head as we played with the caterpillar this past Sunday. Here are the lyrics:

Caterpillar Dreams
by Rachel de Azevedo Coleman
Signing Time
Vol. 8 “The Great Outdoors”

I’m a little caterpillar tiny and green
Crawlin’ around head full of dreams
Inch by inch takes all day
I’m dreamin’ of wings and flyin’ away

Just a little caterpillar down on the ground
I climb a tree hang upside down
I don’t know why I build a cocoon
Not sure why I do what I do

But if I were a butterfly
I could leave the ground behind
Would things look different way up high?
I wish I were a butterfly

I’m just a little caterpillar fast asleep
Eyes closed tight lost in a dream
In my dream I break free
Stretch out my legs and check out my wings

I feel just like a butterfly
Watch me leave the ground behind
Things look different way up high
I feel just like a butterfly

Look at me I’m flying!
I’m really flying!
Somebody pinch me!

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