Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter A, day 2

Well, we did it, survived day 2 of homeschooling!! We had a play-date yesterday morning and so we ended up pushing school until after nap and before dinner. I was really worried how this school day might start, because this was Joshua's attitude about starting school while he had snack.

But as soon as our prayer was done (we pray together before I start teaching every day) he had a much better attitude and was ready to move onto the day's activities.

We started off the day with talking, again, about the letter Aa and the sounds that it makes (aa and ah) and then sang our ABC's and worked on signing (ASL) the alphabet too-he's getting really good!!

Then we moved on to tracing the letter Aa. I laminated all of my sheets and we have some dry erase crayons that work GREAT for the laminated worksheets and not getting the markers all over his hands.

Madelynn also got into this activity.

Then we moved onto some cutting practice. I was worried how this would go as Joshua has just, over the past week, started using only one hand with his scissors instead of 2.

So cutting on a dotted line, in shapes, I thought would be a struggle, but he really surprised me. We had a few meltdowns of "I can't know how", but no tears were shed and he was SO happy with the outcome.

After cutting practice we worked with some magnets.

Joshua had to put magnets on specific places on the worksheet and he LOVED it.

Then came our letter hunt :) Joshua LOVED this and he totally amazed me on this worksheet. I asked him to make little circles around the capital and lowercase letter a's that he could see on the work sheet. He concentrated SO hard and pulled it off flawlessly the first time without any help.

I had him repeat this worksheet about 3 times, laminated so it was easily wiped clean for more practice, and each time he completed it faster and faster.

Then finally after his 4th time he told me he knew how to do it and it was boring now-ouch!!

So...we moved on to some movement activities. First we used our bodies to make a capital A with our bodies, but Joshua wouldn't allow me to take a picture. So, we pulled out the number cards from the day before and marched, walked, skipped, and ran across the numbers 1-10 and again from 10-1...even the littlest one joined in.

And that was all I really had planned for today, but Joshua wanted more. So we pulled out our big letters again, along with the cubes, and worked on tracing/building the letters with the cubes.

This time though, I asked Joshua to stick them together, a few at a time, to outline the letters. It's kind of hard to explain so just take a look.

After this activity (he spent 15mins on this) our school day had nearly hit the 2hr mark and Joshua had decided he was done. So that was it! Letter A, day 2 was a success!! Now to start day 3...

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