Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letter A, day 4

Thursday is here and Joshua was actually very excited for school today. We said our morning prayer and jumped right into our school day.
Madelynn, however, was more interested in watching Barney today, which works out well since our first activity isn't something I would let her do right now. What is it you ask? Well, a Poke Page of course!!

Joshua loves doing things with "pokies" aka push pins.
He loves this worksheet though he was having a lot of difficulty with it today as the towel was giving too much and with Paityn now crawling and getting into everything, this activity wasn't something we could do on the carpet (as we have in the past). But we got through it and Joshua was REALLY proud of himself.

After the activity was done we held the sheet up to the light and looked through the holes we poked as it allowed the light to shine through. Joshua thought it was awesome!

Next we moved onto some letter tiles. Joshua had the work APPLE and apple written on 2 separate pieces of paper and he had to located the tiles from the pile to spell out the words.
The green letters were capital, the orange letters are lowercase.
Joshua got very frustrated that the tiles kept sliding on the laminated sheets,
but after a few complaints he finally listened to me and started repeating "its ok if it moves, I can still do it"

After the tiles we went on to count apple seeds. Joshua had to count the number of seeds in each apple
and placed that number next to the correct apple.
He did an AWESOME job!!

After our counting we moved on to cutting and pasting apples onto a tree. I gave Joshua to option to use a large hole punch or scissors. Joshua asked for the hole punch right away so I allowed him to cut out 3 apples.
Then I had him use the scissors.
He did a pretty good job. He needed some help at times, but did the cutting 90% by himself. It was great and he was SO proud. Then he needed to glue the apples onto the paper.

Again he did an awesome job!!

We took a small break for snack and clean up and then we moved onto our last task for the day-a letter A scavenger hunt around the house. I named off some items for Joshua to find that started with letter A and then asked Joshua what items he could find.
Of course he repeated examples I gave to him, but then he started naming things that didn't start with the letter a but was placing a in front of them "a fighting guy, a table, a balloon" He was being such a little smarty pants!!
Here is what we were able to find around the house. I have to admit, it was hard finding things that start with A.

Overall we had a great morning in school, much better than yesterday! Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day as we make alligators, work on size sorting, and work on more letter A and prewriting activities.

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  1. Glad your day was better today. Looks like he had fun!