Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gardening-Harrison Style

This summer we, as a family with a ton of help from Auntie Debbie, started a garden (on Deb's property, using her time and money-we just provided a bunch of seeds) and the kids have loved it!! We haven't been able to make the trip up north this summer as much as we had liked, but when we do go up, we make sure to stop by and spend a day in the garden. We have planted, watered, weeded and harvested with the kids in tow and diving right in and it has been wonderful for us and them. Deb's garden has done amazing in some areas (raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes) but some things planted in the back lot didn't turn out as well as we had hoped (corn, squash, guards).

Our last adventure north came on a perfect day both weatherwise and harvest wise. The kids had a BLAST pulling fresh produce from the garden. Check out our little harvestors!!



The kids also had a blast riding "the gator" around the yard, taking turns driving it. Joshua could spend HOURS at Auntie Debbie's house driving this thing. I fear that as he gets old enough to drive we will NEVER see our car!!

Later in the day as we were weeding the squash patch, we found a few little frogs. This was the first time the kids had seen a frog in real life and they were in LOVE! Madelynn, my little bug girl, did not want to put the poor thing down, and surprisingly the kids did really well with the frog. We kept giving warning that the frogs might pee on them, but it never happened, the kids were very careful! Take a look at their love for this little guy.
So, some gardening tips for you from us:
*if you have kids who love to be outside-put them to work in the garden
*getting your kids involved and dirty is being a good parent
*when your kids get bored, find a creature to provide some entertainment (make sure it isn't a bee/wasp or stinging bug first!)
*and make sure you have enough time to sit back and take in their love for gardening and LEARN FROM the little ones

Hope you have a hoppy weekend!!!

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  1. Too cute! I absolutely ADORE the photo of Joshua smiling at the camera holding the frog and the one of Moo "talking" to it.